Keith Noble
Surf art, seascapes, landscapes & wildlife subjects -
Plein Air & In Studio

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Keith Noble grew up spending the summers with his family in Surf City, New Jersey, learning to
surf at age 10.  His love of surfing and the ocean inspired him to move to Carlsbad, California in
1977, where he lived for 16 years.  

In 1991, while living in southern California, Keith began his journey in art, painting surf-art and
seascapes in oils along the California coast, along with many other subjects.  In 1994, he moved
to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he discovered the local beauties of Red Rock Canyon, desert
landscapes, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, and other nearby state and national parks.   Since Keith
has a great love for nature and the outdoors, he especially enjoys painting plein-air and is always
happy to find other artists who like to meet up and paint together in nature.    

Keith has also enjoyed learning the process of making custom, handmade frames for his art,
using many beautiful hardwoods and local wood, which complements and increases the value
and beauty of his paintings.

Although primarily self-taught through his own experience and observation, Keith has taken
some art classes along the way, and enjoys participating in online video classes by well-known
and accomplished artists.  He finds it very helpful to tap into other artists’ knowledge and
experience, and hopes to do more of this in the future.  

Keith posts all his finished art on his Facebook page, which is a public account, so you may
follow him there to view photos of his finished art, and some of his art is shown on his Website.

Facebook Page:  Keith Noble of Las Vegas, Nevada